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Even if we could enact carbon reducing policies with technocratic solutions, what kind of world are we trying to sustain? Charles Eisenstein and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. discuss the philosophy of “climate change”, “sustainability” and the value of foxes and hugs. How do you get science to reflect the qualities of life?

Virginia county rejects Corridor H

NEWS ADVISORY: Virginia County Rejects Corridor H     

Contact:  Bonni McKeown, Stewards of the Potomac Highlands,  773-209-4712                       


Two months after West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice announced that WV Division of Highways was “talking to Virginia”  The latest on West Virginia’s top highway project, Corridor H? (  about building the easternmost section of Corridor H to connect with I-66 and I-81, the Virginia county most affected by the proposed four-lane construction officially said “no thank you.” 

The Shenandoah County, VA Board of Supervisors passed a resolution Oct 11, 2022, noting that Corridor H is not part of Virginia highway planning: “The Virginia Commonwealth Transportation Board previously adopted, after numerous public hearings, a resolution opposing Corridor H construction in Virginia.” Appalachian Corridor H (Elkins to I-81) Final Environmental Impact Statement ( Final EIS 1996, Vol II, Appendix A 

 The resolution added, “There appear to be no benefits to the citizens of Shenandoah County. In fact we believe that building an Interstate of this magnitude to the Virginia Line would have significant adverse impacts on communities in Shenandoah County, and this must be considered before construction of the 6.8 mile section proposed from Wardensville, WV to the Virginia state line.”             

This proposed section would parallel existing Route 55 east of the western edge of Wardensville in Hardy County, where the built section of Corridor H four-lane now ends.  (WVDOH has numbered Corridor H Route 48.)   The Wardensville-to-Virginia line section is one of the last two in the 130-mile Corridor H to be built from I-79.  The other is in Tucker County, where groups supporting Main Street business and seeking to avoid damage to natural areas including Blackwater Canyon, are pushing for a truck bypass and a northerly reroute around the towns of Thomas and Davis.  Tucker County residents seek “better route” for Corridor H in Davis-Thomas area – WV MetroNews 

Corridor H is the last road being built in the Appalachian Corridor system, which was designed in federal policy to bring economic growth to rural areas.  U.S. Senator Joe Manchin, D-WV, recently obtained  $200 million over five years toward Corridor H construction Manchin: $200 Million For Corridor H Included In Bipartisan Infrastructure Agreement | U.S. Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia (   Longterm controversies over the need for the four-lane re-emerged in a Washington Post article:  West Virginia clashes over new Corridor H highway by Blackwater Falls – The Washington Post 

Stewards of Potomac Highlands, an environmental group based in West Virginia’s eight northeasternmost counties, wrote in a public comment to WVDOH: “Stewards does not see a need to build the section of Corridor H from Wardensville to the Virginia line.  The two purposes given by WVDOH for Corridor H contradict each other: ‘improving east-west travel and promoting economic development in the region,’ which we understand to be: getting traffic through the area vs. benefitting the local economy.  During the past 20 years since the Corridor H Final EIS and Record of Decision, Wardensville has developed a robust tourist and local agricultural economy which will not benefit and will probably be harmed by having traffic bypass the town and rush through the area.  Traffic counts are under 5000 and do not appear to justify a four-lane highway in this area.  Virginia has not announced any plans to build its section to I-66.  The availability of federal money, rather than true purpose and need, as indicated in public statements by WVDOH officials, appears to be motivating WVDOH’s 2022 push for construction.”    Corridor H: Limit It! – Stewards of the Potomac Highlands ( 

To invite Wardensville area residents’ questions and opinions, a Facebook group questioning Corridor H has been set up. Join the group, meet fellow town residents and offer your ideas. :(20+) NO TO CORRIDOR H – WARDENSVILLE | Facebook

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