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Eric and Kirsten’s former home, Hampshire County

Stewards Newsletters 2001-2018

May 2001: Corridor H Waste, Landfills and Medwaste, Jefferson County Fights Sprawl, I-81: Ten Lanes or Tracks; Sewer Showdown at Murphy’s Farm, Four-Lane Route 522, Hampshire County Planning, Poultry Runoff in South Branch, Die-gester Dead, Composted Chicken Litter, Petite grass fed Beef, Mon Forest Hikes, Conservation Easements

May 2003: Fighting Mountain Windmills, Sustainable Farming, Native Plants, Watershed Studies, Corridor H Destruction of Lost River, Poultry Pollution, Land Conservation

January 2004: Historic Buildings, Eels, Clean Rivers, Suit to Stop Degradation of Streams, Construction Sites. Storm Sewers, Ugly Cor. H Road Cuts, Studying Birds and Windmills, I-81 Steel Rail? Land and Farm protection, Hardy County zoning, local elections, idea for county tribunals instead of commissions

January 2005: Land Planning for Forest Edges, Cell Towers, Corridor H erosion hearing, Septic and Sewer Systems, Boogie from Chicago

January 2007: Tell the Truth, I-81 Rail and Safety Study, Local Food : Salad Days, Cor H Built from Moorefield to Wardensville and Elkins to Kerens, Windmill hearings, damage to birds and bats; Stormwater “Flood thy Neighbor”, Fish kill in Shenandoah River, Boat Erosion, River Education

December 2007: High Voltage Ugly PATH and trAIL Powerlines, GW Forest Plan, Surface Owners Rights in Gas Wells, Chemicals in Potomac Watershed, Fix the Roads We Have, Represent Yourself without a Lawyer, Reducing CO2

January 2009: Citizens Fight Powerlines, Surface Gas Owner Rights, Chemicals in Potomac Watershed, Fix the Roads we Have, Represent yourself without a Lawyer, Reducing CO2

January 2010: PATH powerline delayed, Jefferson sewage treatment win, Potomac Basin cleanup; WV Flying Squirrel, I-81 and Corridor H updates, Feds Step in on WVDEP. Activist Tricks of the Trade

January 2013: Derecho Brings Look at Climate Change and 350, Energy Efficiency, Wind Questions, Flying Squirrel update, PATH powerline Zombie, New Rural Hospitals, Rails and Roads, Potomac Highlands Pristine and Valuable, Gas Fracking Crazy, WVDOH bullies neighbors, Cor. H Partly Built but Nowhere, Chicken Grease power? Public-private Rail

January 2016: Energy from Waves, RIP Bill Howley, Legislators and Charleston chemical spill, Local business: Farmers Daughter butcher shop

March 2018: Write News, Join Board, Sustainable Business in Wardensville and Capon Bridge, Rural Hospital network, Rails and Roads, Cor. H in Virginia, National Roundup: Clean Water, Climate, Air, Bees; Solar in W.Va.; Pipelines Invading Potomac Highlands

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